A free, open source audio editor based on Audacity.

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A free, open source audio editor based on Audacity. Saucedacity has the same features as Audacity but without any networking and with improvements.



  • Recording from any real, or virtual audio device that is available to the host system.
  • Export / Import a wide range of audio formats, extendible with FFmpeg.
  • High quality using 32-bit float audio processing.
  • Plug-ins Support for multiple audio plug-in formats, including VST, LV2, AU.
  • Macros for chaining commands and batch processing.
  • Scripting in Python, Perl, or any language that supports named pipes.
  • Nyquist Very powerful built-in scripting language that may also be used to create plug-ins.
  • Editing multi-track editing with sample accuracy and arbitrary sample rates.
  • Accessibility for VI users.
  • Analysis and visualization tools to analyze audio, or other signal data.


You can check out our latest releases here. The latest stable release is Saucedacity 1.2, released on 2022-08-03.

System Requirements

Saucedacity runs on the following:

  • Windows 7 or later (32 or 64 bit)
  • macOS 10.12 or later
  • Ubuntu 20.04 or later (or any equivalent distro)

Note that you will need a CPU with SSE2 support. This is only an issue if you are planning to run Saucedacity on older hardware.

Note on Windows 7 Support

Windows 7 extended support ended on January 14, 2020. This means that Windows 7 will no longer receive any updates of any kind.

In response to this situation, Saucedacity will continue to support Windows 7 until either Saucedacity/Tenacity 2.0 (the planned migraiton to Qt) or until Visual Studio drops support for Windows 7 targets. We will fix bugs and provide updates for Windows 7 users for the forseeable future. This policy will also apply to Windwos 8/8.1 users.


We welcome all kinds of contributions! We have some tasks that don’t involve coding, but we also accept contributions to a wide-range of things in Saucedacity.

To start contributing, find an issue to work on here. Please read the contributing requirements in for more information.